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Dedicated to Providing the Best In Health Care.

With exceptional service and top-quality care.


Welcome to Marin Foot and Ankle Center, located in Miami, Florida. Our state of the art facility features the latest in diagnostic imaging, vascular testing, and multiple comprehensive modalities for the advanced treatment of your foot and ankle conditions. We dedicate our time to treating and educating patients with various problems of the lower extremity. This includes trauma, non-healing wounds, pediatric conditions, infections, dermatological problems, sports injuries, bunions, hammertoes, and many other foot and ankle disorders. We take great pride in our work and will always strive to give you the personal and professional services you deserve.


Cutting-edge treatments have been pioneered and developed for various foot conditions, including corrective foot surgery, aesthetic podiatry, and signature methods of pain relieving treatments & injections. Dr. Luis Marin, was inspired by his elite and celebrity-driven clientele, to provide a solution for the possible unfavorable effects that come with wearing shoes.

Dr. Marin has dedicated his life’s work to creating an external fixator system that can be used to treat lower extremity fractures, soft tissue injuries, and for reconstructive surgery. After more than five years of rigorous testing, and a lengthy FDA approval process, Dr. Marin’s innovative MDPO Fixation System was developed. 

In 2004, he co-founded the Steps of Life Foundation, which has allowed for a surgical team to travel to the Dominican Republic 15 times and perform more than 400 major lower extremity procedures since its inception. 

In 2007, the Mayor of Miami-Dade County proclaimed May 10th, as Dr. Luis E. Marin Day for his contributions in preserving the

well-being and health of those in Miami-Dade County and abroad. Dr. Marin completed both his Master’s in Biomedical Sciences and his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at Barry University.

Live X-ray

Our X-ray systems are intuitive to operate for point and shoot simplicity. They enable you to provide high quality care by delivering the image quality you need.

Technologically Advanced

We are recognized as one of the most technologically advanced providers of foot and ankle care, and our success rate is among the highest in the nation.

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