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Congenital Deformities

Some people are born with significant deformity in the foot or ankle.  This includes extremely flat feet, extremely high arches, club feet, and toe deformities.  If the deformity does not cause pain, no treatment is needed.  Surgical correction may be required to improve function and prevent long-term problems.

Clubfoot is when the foot (or feet) appears to turn inwards at the ankle. The most common symptoms of clubfoot are when people appear to be walking on the ankles, or on the sides of their feet. The heel of the foot points down and the front half of the foot (turns inward). Clubfoot can be mild or severe. About half of children with clubfoot have it in both feet. If your child has clubfoot, it will make it harder to walk normally, so doctors generally recommend treating it soon after birth.

The heel may look too narrow and the muscles in the calf are smaller compared to a normal lower leg. Inside the anatomy of clubfoot, the Achilles tendon is tighter than a normal foot.

Doctors are usually able to treat clubfoot successfully without surgery, though sometimes children need follow-up surgery later on.

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